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Lose Weight & Learn To Control Overeating
Dr. Kirsten Grant

Dr. Kirsten Grant


I’m Dr. Kirsten Grant and I am an expert in taking women that want to lose weight and that want to learn FOR GOOD how to be healthier in their body and mind.

When I was younger I discovered that the mind, body, and spirit are connected.  Furthermore, the thoughts and belief of the mind deeply move and change the biology of the cells of the body.

So, I became a student of the body and mind.

I created coaching programs before they were considered “cool”.  Over the course of 20 years I have created

Executive coaching

University student retention success coaching

Health coaching

Eventually, I made my “love affair” permanent by completing a PhD in health psychology.

This is where I created a powerful and effective online class for overweight and obese women battling food addiction & food addiction symptoms (bingeing, overeating, food cravings).  The majority of women lost weight – and reduced their food addiction symptoms!!!

Being an analytical perfectionist I wanted to give women more.  So, I made some improvements by adding coaching, more personalized attention, and deepened the ability for ladies to reprogram the brain using psychology.  This is when Edible Addiction was born!

Lose Weight With Edible Addiction

Corporate Wellness Coaching

Don’t create a wellness program that tortures your employees!!

No employee wants to be coerced into meeting with any health coach.  However, those that need it the most and have the most to gain are still hesitant.  Phoenix Six is successful because we carefully approach how we broach the topic of working together.  This helps the employee “tap in” to being open and using the advice and action steps that we discover together.  There is one difference – we will make sure what they learn actually STICKS!!

The result:

Decreased Sick Days

Increased Productivity

More Pleasant Interactions with Coworkers

Increased Team Momentum

Meeting & Surpassing Deadlines!!!



Dr. Grant Live!!

Dr Kirsten Grant has dedicated her life helping women lose weight – easily and in a fun way!!  Hire her to speak at your next event!

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Dr. Grant Live!!

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